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About us

Corporation Tent ----- Create public wealth and achieve personal worth.
Each enterprise can be seen as an economic cell of society. Enterprises are recognized as the intersections met various social interest groups. Hereby, enterprises make a great impact on the stabilization and development of society.
Greenlogers believe that the development of company must follow the tone of public responsibility and can not run via the immolation of public interests.
Greenlogers consider that only those companies integrating public wealth and personal worth well can win people's support and go further than others.

Corporation Philosophy ---- Stand on a high point; Take a practical approach £»And go to a broad arena.
The philosophy idea of the company is quoted by Rong Yiren¡¯s (Mr. Rong is one Chinese ex-cochairman) wisdom. Based on the original text, we make a slight modification to highlight the characteristic manufacture usually has.
See as a whole, ¡®Stand on a high point¡¯ not only implies a farseeing view the company should have, but also describes that each employee in Greenlog should have a high standard goal for himself/herself.
¡®Take a practical approach¡¯ indicates that Huyang advocates a concrete working style. Besides a high standard goal, Greenlog also calls for a rational talent that can translate causes into performances and harvests.
¡®Go to a broad arena¡¯ which indicates a great ambition and a broad mind Huyang has. One for all, all for one. This piece of wisdom also draws the Greenloger¡¯s understanding to a well teamwork.

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